BRITE LINES is an eclectic Electro-Americana band from Seattle, Washington, USA.

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"They span such a wide array of adjectives from song to song (as evidenced on this year’s EP Make Shift) that they’re hard to sum up in a few short sentences. The music is earnest, rooted in New America; part haunted songwriter; broken-hearted and hopeful, with an all-encompassing catchy post-indie rock folk vibe."

- Victoria VanBruinisse,

"Brite Lines… whose sound is similar to that of Modest Mouse and Future Islands, and vocals reminiscent of The Avett Brothers and even Buddy Holly. Unexpected drum patterns, intricate harmonies, and earnest lyrics, combined with the natural charisma exuded by frontman Zach Gore, made for an unforgettable performance. Adding to that the musicians’ impressive abilities to seamlessly transition between instruments, Brite Lines solidified themselves as an emerging band in Seattle’s music scene."

- Caitlin Peterkin,

“…one of Seattle’s most promising folk rock bands, Brite Lines … I firmly believe Brite Lines, whose frontman Zach Gore brings a level of charisma that can truly elevate material, will be the future of the Seattle folk scene.”

- Bart Cameron,

"With witty interactions and lyrics that spoke of giving it all up and living on the beach, these guys tugged at my heartstrings and reached out to the nomadic spirit of my soul."

-Sofar Sounds (

“Singer Zach Gore smiles through energetic performances even while singing about that moment before the end of love, when the warmth has died out.

-Julia Wayne, writer (


"They have that down-home cabin vibe … Zach Gore is a lively front man with a wide range of influences as a songwriter. His charm filled the room with positive energy."

-Lauren J Barnhart, writer (

"Poppy folk-rock, plumped up with strings, that occasionally employs zany instrumentation … it takes a straightforward approach and lets the songs’ emotional brevity speak for itself."

-Ma’chell Duma Lavassar, writer (Seattle Weekly)

"Zach Gore has crafted a distinct voice. His ear for catchy melodies and his careful lyricism mingle with an earnestness that is lacking in much of the trendy music being put out today. BRITE LINES marks a significant moment in Gore’s career… surrounding himself with talented musicians who push his songwriting to new heights and complexity."

-Colin Walker, DJ (91.9 WKCO)